We can say that green areas play an important role in our environment’s composition, especially in large cities, where asphalt rules. It is increasingly evident that the lack of green contributes to a lower quality of life, which unfortunately has to do with the preservation of the environment and directly affects the aesthetic appeal of a certain place.

With unchecked urban growth, which occurs without planning, residents of these large centers have been looking for ways to bring to themselves the green that was once a natural part of these spaces. However, the desire to live next to plants and trees is a privilege of the big cities’ inhabitants. People used to have large green areas such as landscapes, also seek to bring a bit of nature to their homes. In this attempt to bring green closer to us, harmoniously and aesthetically, landscaping and gardening mark the presence. Although they have different functions, they are closely linked and depend on each other for their best performance.

The landscaper or landscape architect is in charge of planning the creation (design), management, and preservation of free spaces, internal or external, public or private. The landscaper’s main function is to promote the integration of man with nature aesthetically and functionally that, above all, provides quality of life. It is closely linked to architecture, involving artistic creation and design.

Gardening, in turn, consists of a set of techniques used in the planting and maintenance of gardens. It is a function performed by the gardener. He is the professional responsible for executing and maintaining a landscaping project, working in partnership with the landscaper during these processes to ensure the final results. It is worth remembering that landscaping works more broadly than gardening and goes far beyond indoor and outdoor gardens of various environments. It can be said that the landscaper’s work is multidisciplinary, encompassing not only projects for gardens, parks, and urban squares but also urban design plans and restoration, requalification, and preservation of the city’s environment.

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