Your garden deserves the same care as the interior of the house. If it is a space before entry, it will be the first image guests, and visitors will see. If it is rear, it will star in contrast when leaving the house. To make it harmonious in all cases, we propose 5 landscaping ideas to get the most out of it.

Landscaping Ideas for a garden with arches

One of the most charming and colorful landscaping ideas is the use of arches covering the path. This works very well when a large garden allows you to play with this type of approach. If you are looking to offer a touch of color, the use of roses is highly recommended, a surprising proposal that looks great.

Another version of this same trend is arched with green plants and vines, with a more jungle inspiration. This is especially effective in humid or slightly cooler climates. It makes these types of shoots grow better and offers a slightly Nordic look.

Simple but elegant garden proposals

Certain types of architecture call for more urban and less naturalistic landscaping ideas. An excellent solution is the combination of cobbled areas with simple trees that provide that touch of freshness. Put aside the overloaded inspirations and offer a perfect combination between asphalt and forest.

Another way to apply the proposals for simple and elegant gardens is the game with trimming the hedges. The result is very controlled and has some inspiration in the traditional royal and aristocratic gardens. In this case, it requires some maintenance to preserve the chosen shapes.

Finally, landscaping ideas can also be applied to classic garden furniture. These are perfect in materials such as wood and give a certain personal touch. They get a much more functional space in which you can enjoy a dinner or a meeting of friends, in addition to the decorative advantages.

Landscaping ideas with fruits and crops

If the climate is appropriate and the extension sufficient, there is nothing better than being able to take fruits and vegetables from your garden. This does not have to be at odds with landscaping ideas; in fact, a lot of beauty can be derived from this concept.

If you can contrast a bright color with green, like red in apple or tomato crops, it could be very pretty.

You can also go a step further and install a small greenhouse. This idea is lovely and could also go very well with tall plants and flowers. If you don’t know too much about this topic, yes, you may have to seek professional help for proper maintenance.

Floral landscapes and paths

Landscaping ideas for your garden could also have romantic inspirations. They tend to work well in mild climates where you can plant colorful flowers. If you have enough space, it could be a great proposition to create a relaxed mauve field with a path to the outside door.

Yellow is also a very cheerful color for floral landscapes. If you choose different flowers of this color, you could get a spectacular view of your garden. To complement it, there will always be an accessory, such as outdoor furniture or planters.

A flurry of colors

An outdoor living space is unmatched for the summer months. Some of the features can be used even during the colder days, such as a pellet grill or a brick oven. You can transform this space into a private oasis, here are some ideas how:

  • a summer kitchen
  • an outdoor bar, complete with lighting, firepit and sound/entertainment system (outdoor projectors, anyone?)
  • an outdoor living room with comfortable furniture, carpeted floor (yes, you’ll have to keep the carpet clean)
  • retaining walls, fireplaces, outdoor lighting, paver pathways, water features to name just a few of the other elements you can combine with the greenery in your backyard